In every choice we make and every item we offer, we hold ourselves accountable to both people and the planet. We emphasize organics and we respect the cultures and traditions of artisans around the world with fair-trade practices. We are mindful in our business practices, choosing local organic farms and small companies, supporting community programs and emphasizing low-impact practices within our stores. The items you will find in Roots, Great Sage, Nest and Bark reflect our passion for health, great taste, organics and the well being of the people we serve and the planet that we share.


We believe eating organic and sustainable food is how to preserve the ‘soil’ for the future. Organic practices support the health of each person who eats the food, the health of the farmers and suppliers who produce the food and the health of the earth that we call home. We believe the choice to eat only plants also supports health, more compassion and less suffering. We believe plant-based food is creative, flavorful and satisfying.